Pleasure Seekers Welcome

pot for pleasure

Hands down I love pleasure. I am a pleasure whore. I will extract pleasure from any venue I can be it food, exercise, intimacy, sex, music, writing a kick ass article and the list goes on and on. My lover and I (my pleasure whore partner) roamed around Key West dodging in and out of the stores deeply inhaling the aromas of caramel candy shops and soap stores. We visually soaked in all of the silly signs, shirts and people. We felt the sand squish between our toes and listened to waves. Total pleasure. Really if you think about it, life should be all about deriving pleasure whenever and however we can. Our society places us on a “people mover” conveyer belt and we are taught to be human “doers” and not human “beings”. We watch those highly successful humans that have made their lives around their passion aka pleasure and we think, they are the lucky ones. But that’s such outdated hard wiring. Pledge with me now, I, Chronic Cutie, vow to update my hard drive to pleasure mode in every aspect of my life. Think, breathe, live that vow. Get a magazine, scissor, glue stick and poster board and sit as you did as a preschooler cause it’s time to cut and paste. Cut out words, pictures and sayings that speak to you. Don’t get caught in the net of “adulthood” and just go with your human instinct. Create a vision board, a visual symbol that you will hang in your closet and look at every day. A collage of everything you want. A life of pleasure. Keep it up and look at it daily. I promise, it may take the universe a week, months or days but when you put out that vibration to the world and sync your system to the life that you truly want to lead, it will eventually come into reality.

For goodness sake, we’re wired with a system of receptors waiting to receive (the molecular makeup). Hmm… is it really a coincidence or are we hard wired for experiencing pleasure?  Wasn’t it Adam who couldn’t resist the pleasure of Eve and her offering of that juicy red pleasure causing fruit. It’s time to take a deep breath, step back and become euphoric.

Oh and did I mention, you can fast track your life of pleasure by augmenting with a Mighty Fast treat or some other pleasure inducing treat, meal or drink. Seriously, take it from me, I have traversed this pleasure road so that I can now spread the word to my pleasure seeking tribe.

Be Mighty My Friends,