Mighty Guacamole


2 tablespoons Mighty Fast olive oil

2 tablespoons fresh cilantro, finely chopped

4 ripe avocados

½ freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice

½ fresh jalapeño

1 small tomato chopped into bite size pieces

¼ cup chopped red onion

1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon Himalayan salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper


After infusing olive oil in The Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser, set aside above amount to cool. Wash and dry avocado, lemon or lime, jalapeno and tomato. Cut avocado in half around the pit. Gently twist both sides of avocado and both sides should easily come apart. Discard pit and scoop out avocado into a large bowl. Add in olive oil. Roll room temperature whole lemon or lime on countertop, back and forth several times to help release the juice. Cut lemon/lime in half and squeeze cut side up so seeds do not drop into avocado. Cut jalapeno in half and discard seeds and membrane, depending on desired hotness. The seeds and membrane are what gives hot peppers their spiciness so depending on your how much you like to engage your taste buds, use as much or as little as you like. Make certain to wash your hands well immediately after touching jalapeño peppers as the Capsaicin, the active ingredient in hot chili peppers, will stay on your skin and sting any body part it contacts. Chop desired amount into small pieces and add to avocado. Add chopped tomato, red onion and cilantro. Add in cumin, salt and pepper. Mash guacamole with a fork until desired texture is achieved. Serve immediately with vegetable platter or chips.