The Herbal Infuser was created with the philosophy that in today’s ever evolving world, all of us should feel empowered to take charge of our health and cooking. We also wanted a solution to the hyper inflated prices that are charged for pre-made infusions and edibles. The choices for pre-made infusions have such variance in taste, texture and smell but one thing remains stable, the high as can be cost. When health is the main factor, cost should not be. We solved this dilemma by creating the Herbal Infuser, providing every day people the opportunity to make their own herbal infusions, simply, cost effective and Mighty Fast!

Personal choice was a big factor in how to develop the Herbal Infuser. We’ve taken all the guesswork and variables out of the infusion equation and provided a one button solution for herbal infusions.

We provide solutions to infusions.

The Herbal Infuser answers the following questions:

  • How long to infuse? What temperature to infuse?
  • When to mix?
  • When to blend?
  • What to do with the infusion afterwards?

Limited Warranty

Your infuser is covered by a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase if it is determined that the unit was purchased with a manufacturers defect only. Should your infuser have a defect in product material or workmanship within the warranty period please contact customer service. We are here to help, so give us a call or email us with any questions you have.

We’d love to hear from you.

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We provide the 3 best options:

  • Mighty Fast 1 is our signature infusion cycle. Preprogrammed to heat, grind & blend at intervals throughout a 45 minute cycle. Mighty Fast 1 is our most beloved cycle for it’s consistency and potency every single time no matter if the infusion is butter, oil, tincture, honey, agave or milk. Mighty Fast 2 is our 90 minute cycle.
  • Preprogrammed to heat, grind & blend at intervals throughout a 1.5 hour cycle. Mighty Fast 2 is great if you have more time to allow your herbs to hang out and infuse. It’s great for infusing strains that like a longer time to chill in the base. Mighty Fast 2 is kind of the middle child of the Herbal Infuser!
  • Mighty Long is our 4 hour cycle. This cycle is for infusing alcohol when an alcohol tincture is the goal. This cycle runs at a lower temperature so it can be used for alcohol or the other bases if a 4 hour cycle is your personal choice.

Mighty Mix is a 30 second no heat blend cycle that can be used instead of a typical blender.

Mighty Clean is a 30 second car wash that rinses off the inside of the Herbal Infuser.

The Herbal Infuser was built to last. Edible companies using the Herbal Infuser have these babies running day and night year after year with consistently stellar results. Featuring sturdy construction that was ergonomically designed for ease of use. The Herbal Infuser was made for daily use and is small enough to fit alongside a coffee maker or tucked inside a cabinet.